Ensure document authenticity. Conduct data extraction, check information from official databases, perform facial recognition, compare signatures, and avoid fraud.


  • A 100% automated verification process.
  • Validation with different bureaus and official sources.
  • Less operational errors.
  • State of the art facial recognition.
  • Liveness check.
  • Analysis of a variety of document types.

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How it works


With our OCR technology, we extract information from different documents and check different bureaus and/or public websites to ensure that the document is authentic.


Are the pictures in both documents the same, or is the selfie of the person who claims it is? Our algorithm recognizes faces and compares them to previously sent selfies. Use our model to ensure authenticity.


Resource used mainly to prevent identity fraud, the proof of life ensures that the application is not made with photo of photo.

Why choose Datarisk

Datarisk is a company specialized in predictive modeling for credit, debt collection, anti-fraud and CRM solutions. Using our proprietary technology, we have developed a platform and methodologies over the course of several projects and studies, resulting in an optimized and automated flow for the entire statistical modeling process.

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