Optimize your time by conducting model training, scoring, and validation on a SaaS auto Machine Learning platform.


  • Training, scoring, and validation for models.
  • No need to purchase licenses.
  • A 100% automated process.
  • Our team of specialists is at your disposal.
  • Models for by credit, anti-fraud or debt collection solutions.
  • Descriptive analyses and with customized graphics.
  • Proprietary infrastructure.

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How it works


At this stage of training the model, you can manage, select, and optimize variables.


During scoring, the predictive model created is ready for consultation via on-demand and/or bach APIs.


Model validation stage. A series of reports are created based on the scores generated, combined with their performance.


Does the model that was created to maintain its accuracy rate? Find out with the Monitoring module. Is it inaccurate? Retrain the model.

How to use Datapred

What our clients say...

Carlos Toneto
Carlos TonetoCredit, Collection and Modeling Manager at Pravaler
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“This is a great tool, and we have no questions about the technical capacity of the people behind it. Above all, however, the cooperation between the companies is really good. The closeness and communication are frictionless, and every suggestion we make is taken into consideration, every question we have been answered very quickly."
Marcelo Camargo
Marcelo CamargoCEO at Lendico Brasil
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"In partnership with our Data team, Datarisk’s experts brought excellent insights and expertise to add to our risk evaluation and fraud prevention efforts. The additional knowledge the team brought resulted in a solution that helped us better understand each client's profile and delivered more personalized and appealing products to the market, reducing bureaucracy, and offering fairer rates."
Matheus Rangel
Matheus RangelFinance Manager at Souza Cruz
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“We found a quick and efficient solution for our credit management with Datarisk. We developed a machine-learning algorithm to reduce the risk of default in the sales we make every week to more than 200,000 clients throughout Brazil. We were surprised by how much insight the algorithm generated, and we can already see a positive impact on our operations.”

Why choose Datarisk

Datarisk is a company specialized in predictive modeling for credit, debt collection, anti-fraud and CRM solutions. Using our proprietary technology, we have developed a platform and methodologies over the course of several projects and studies, resulting in an optimized and automated flow for the entire statistical modeling process.

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