Datarisk develops products and solutions by using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.


Call on our experts in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Credit and Fraud to understand and solve your problems with customized solutions.

  • Reduced costs and increased productivity.
  • Consistently up-to-date specialized assistance offering the best solutions.


Our solutions directly help with fraud loss reduction. Validate documents and predict which operations are at a higher risk of fraud.

  • Maximize sales conversion.
  • Decrease chargeback losses and grow safely.

Credit Modeling

An industry reference for credit scoring, Datarisk will help you establish the financial risk each client represents, determine exposure limits, and monitor the default rate and profitability of your products and solutions.

  • Ensure consistency is your credit analysis.
  • Define the best prices and conditions of payment.
  • Improve your process by systematizing and organizing all your information.
  • Concentrate credit analysis on a smaller number of factors, reduce processing time, and improve your efficiency.
  • Make database information and data provided by third parties an integral part of the system.

Optical Character Recognition

Use our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions to automate your company’s document verification process.

  • Reduce the risk of losing, misidentifying, or misplacing an important file.
  • Identify your different types of content, such as PDF files, balance sheets, and contracts, in the form of editable electronic data.

Automated Product Registration

Do you struggle to operationally register new products in your e-commerce? Do you register repeat products as if they were new? Use our automated solution to speed up the process.

  • Concentrate all the information useful to your business in a single place.
  • Improve your logistics process and ensure more precise control over product inflow and outflow.

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